Uriel Orlow: The Mussels’ Perspective

Image courtesy the artist
Image courtesy the artist

Director: Uriel Orlow

Looped installation







Shot on HD-video and 16mm film, The Mussels’ Perspective focuses on the effects of the river’s industrial past, especially the mining which shaped the landscape of the Tamar Valley. Orlow creates a dialogue between the river’s heritage and the research into the long term effects it may have on the life in the River Tamar and the sea beyond.

He opens up the issue of the content of this river and the seepage of industrial waste and materials that affects all rivers globally. Rivers are places of myths and mythologies including modern day concerns. His film addresses these myths and seeks to ask some serious questions about the wider environmental pollution.

“He is an artist with a critical practice invested in questions of territory, identity and spatial displacement: reasons why we thought that he would be an excellent choice for this film festival – and the questions about the future of the river that it hopes to ask.”

Lucy Reynolds, artist and film programme consultant.

The Mussels’ Perspective (2014) – a film by Uriel Orlow – is commissioned by the River Tamar Project. This film is made possible by a generous contribution from Cornish Mining World Heritage Site.


UrielOrlow-01Internationally recognised artist,Uriel Orlow, lives and works in London. His work explores the blind spots of history, forms of haunting and brings different image-regimes and narrative modes into correspondence.Orlow studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design and The Slade School of Art, London and philosophy at the University of Geneva, graduating with a PhD in Fine Art in 2002. In 2012, Orlow received the Swiss Art Award at Art Basel.




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