Imperfect Cinema: Walk On – Film: Dead Man

Join us for an evening of cinema celebrating film in a double bill presentation. Footage captured from It’s All About the River children’s film workshops, as well as archive material, will be incorporated into the brand new Imperfect Cinema Film which will be premiered at the Welcome Hall at 8pm. Inspired by the films made by Claude Endicott, a local butcher who captured the City of Plymouth’s changing streets over the decades, the film has been specially made for the It’s All About the River film festival and is accompanied by a live score by the Imperfect Cinema Orchestra.

This film will be screened alongside a cinema classic, Dead ManJim Jarmusch’s Dead Man begins as it ends, with a journey. With a bullet lodged in his heart, William Blake (Johnny Depp) goes on the run with an Indian named Nobody to escape a posse of hired killers in this cult Western. Shot in sharp black and white to resemble the daguerreotype photography popular at the time the film is set, this is essentially a road movie, winding a long and crooked path where Blake battles monsters and cannibals, assumes the status of a living legend and takes a mystic boat trip home to the end of his journey. From Neil Young’s haunting guitar score to the beautiful cinematography to Depp’s ethereal performance, this is one cult film you definitely don’t want to miss.

Please note Dead Man is classified as 18. Those under the age limit who have come for the screening of the Imperfect Cinema film will be asked to leave the hall before the film begins.

Please see Walk On website for ticket booking or contact the Plymouth Arts Centre box office.

In partnership with the city-wide exhibition ‘Walk On’, Imperfect Cinema and South West Film and Television Archive.

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